The secret to moist banana bread. This White Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe is so easy that you can make it at home.

The Secret to soft, moist, and mouth watering banana bread lies in 2 things. I’m sure that almost everyone has their “go-to” banana bread recipe, well we do too. We’ve tried so many different recipes and this one is now our “go-to” recipes. This banana bread is moist, tender, soft and sweet. Not only that, but adding Raisin & white chocolate is a whole another level. So, after several round of attempts, here’s how ours came together. Watch, and let us know what you think!

2 Main Secret are:

  1. Overripe banana. Yes, the banana needs to be overly ripe. How do you know that it’s over ripe? It will have lots of brown spots, and the consistency is until almost mushy, but not too mushy.. so why is it good? Because First, they are easier to mash. They incorporate better and more smooth into the batter. They’re also sweeter so more starch has converted to sugar and the best part is, they’re more aromatic.
  2. Vegetable Oil. Most people would only use butter in the banana bread, but when I tested 2 different recipes, one is with butter and the other is with vegetable oil, the one with vegetable oil is always the crowd’s favorite. It’s a miracle that the bread had caramelized all the way through the loaf (very rare, because many banana bread are sometimes darker on bottom than the top or vice versa).


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